Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six months in the making

For about the past six months I have wanted to join the blog world. Almost everyday of my life I have a funny story to tell that I feel the whole world should know about (or at least the people who are interested enough to follow this). I feel that most blogs are about people's families or about how cute their children are so if you are looking for a read like that, this blog is not for you!

So here is my first story that happened last light. (Keep in mind that I may also post about back stories.) Utah State University put on this outside concert with Sean Kingston. Pretty much I felt like it was a party for Jr. high girls with really bad mouths. Not my type of fun...but anyway, I was going to meet up with my roommate which ended up being an epic fail because it was so crowded and I swear I was getting high off of other people's breath. (I felt like I was back on my mission.) Anyway, after being there by myself for about an hour my other friends Carolynn and Chelsea showed up. We stayed for about another hour and decided to leave. Just like my mom told me when I was younger "stay together" So with those words ringing in my ear I left with them to go to their car so that they could drive me to mine. So, my friends drive me across campus to my car. I open the door to get out of the car and I say, "Thanks for the ride, I'm glad that I didn't get raped!" (Using sarcasm) Right after I say that sentence I hear a loud BOOM, BOOM! My first though was gun shots! So I duck and get into her car too shook up to even scream because I'm scared for my life after just saying I was glad that I didn't get raped. And then I realize that fireworks are going off. We all get out of the car laughing and admire the beautiful fireworks shooting off into the sky. Happy 29th of April everyone. Glad I didn't get shot!

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  1. And this would be why you're my hero! I'm excited for all your goofiness!!! :)