Sunday, October 30, 2011

So what if my Sunday thoughts have to do with a Brian Regan YouTube video!

Today while sitting in Relief Society listening to the lesson on personal revelation I really enjoyed a comment this girl made. (I can't really say it exactly like she did so here was the basic thought) She talked about how she was going to be graduating with her Bachelors degree in December and had thought about grad school. After contemplation and prayer, she decided that is not what she is going to do right away. Instead of grad school she thought about becoming a yoga instructor and would have to go through this intense year long training to become one. While in the midst of deciding what to do with her life in wanting to do all of these different things she said a voice came to her head that said "Just stop!" She then realized that she was trying to fill her life with "things to do". She mentioned that she sees and understands the importance of getting a higher education and making a difference in the world but at the same time, it is important to not become so busy "doing things". Then she said it is important to not tie our "business" to our to our self worth. By explaining this thought she said Perhaps we pride ourselves in being busy and say "Hey world look how tired I am! This means that I am important because I'm busy!" But this is not the way the Lord's works. We are commanded to ponder. She then bore her testimony about the importance of slowing down and pondering. It was a beautiful thought and testimony that I really enjoyed.

Sometimes I feel this way, that if I am not busy doing something then I should come up with a project to do, or start baking cookies to give to someone, or call someone to hang out, or just fill my life with business. No wonder it is a commandment to ponder. I will be the first one to admit that whenever I am reminded that we should ponder I always think to myself, I don't really know how to ponder. Hmm. . . . Just sit there and think about stuff? well ok that will last about 2 minutes because my mind will become sidetracked and I will just get up and do "something". But I like how this girl in Relief Society mentioned this. perhaps we pride ourselves in being busy and say "Hey world look how tired I am! This means that I am important because I'm busy!" Which reminded me of this gem.

Ok obviously I'm not saying that we fill our lives with too much that we don't have time to toast a pop tart but still. I know those of you who are students, Mom's, or human beings may feel this way (not having time to toast a pop tart) but let's all slow down a little. We don't always have to be doing something to feel needed, wanted, or important. We can sit and just be!

Also, I was sitting next to my newly found friend Annie (who I think is one of the funniest people that I have ever met) during Sacrament meeting when all of a sudden she busts out her mini hymn book. Annie had put a new cover on the book by taping different fun things on it and this was one of them. (Which by the way is my new wallpaper for my phone because I thought it was so funny!)
HAHAHAHA! Seriously so funny! If anyone wants Annie's number just let me know (Seriously)! But since it is Sunday let me tie this whole picture back to my original thoughts. We do not need to fill our lives with business to feel important. We can just sit and be! We can and should slow down.

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