Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I can't remember!

I have this issue with my memory. It’s hard for me to remember things! I do realize that everyone claims that THEY have a bad memory but let me explain.

*Once when I was filling out an application for something (I can’t remember what it was for) I literally forgot when my Birthday was and had to pull out my driver’s license to remind myself!

And for the record, pretty much every year of my entire life I have asked my parents when their Birthday’s are because I can never remember. By the way, Happy Birthday today Dad! Don’t worry, the only reason that I know your Birthday is today is because some lady in the home ward on Sunday mentioned it is your birthday this week while I was visiting for Fathers Day.

*If the movie that I am watching for the second (or third) time is NOT Runaway Bride, You Got Mail, Hope Floats, While You Were Sleeping, or Princess Diaries it’s like watching the movie it for the first time all over again! Even if I have seen the movie, I can’t remember it! For example, the other day my roommate was watching the movie Up. I have seen it once all the way through when it first came out. I can remember thinking “that was such a cute movie!” Anyway, so my roommate was watching it. Although it was more than half way over, I decided to sit down and watch the last bit of it. It was like watching the movie again for the first time! I was experiencing anxiety watching this movie when the house went up in flames and when the old man was running after the hose to save his house from falling over the cliff. I was on the edge of my seat! Gasping and staring at the screen! I know I have seen it before but I had completely forgotten what happens! THIS HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME! I JUST DON’T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENS IN MOVIES! This also happens to me whenever I read a book for the second time. I can generally not remember what happens and I am flipping through the pages and staying up really late to find out what happens!

*I was sitting on the couch at my parents house with my boyfriend Jay Paul. (Yes, I am dating someone! He is pretty much so great!) Anyway, we are sitting there trying to read to my niece one her potty training books. She was not interested in reading with us (although she brought the book to us so that we could read it to her). She then started saying something to us that we could not quite understand. The next thing I know she runs over to me and hands me a pine cone (and is very excited about it). I gasp and say “PORCUPINE!” She kind of just looks at me strange and then Jay Paul says, “Oh wow a PINE CONE!” I start laughing really hard and was slightly embarrassed at my lack of memory for labeling a pine cone!

Those are three examples of how bad my memory is sometimes! I would share more examples but I can’t think of anymore at the moment!

P.S. One of my least favorite childhood games was the memory game. I disliked it a lot because I was so bad at it!

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