Friday, July 13, 2012

Driving Vs. Dancing

I will GUARANTEE you that I will always be in 12th place while playing this game. I can admit that I am terrible at it. Once last night while playing I was in 11th place (not at the end of the game, just while passing the starting line I was in 11th place for about 5 seconds).

BUT. . .

I can kick your trash (or at least hold my own) while playing this game!

Some of the things that were said to me last night while playing this game.
"Leah those Zumba classes have really paid off!"
"Why is Leah doing all of these crazy moves? Oh we are the back up dancers and she is being Michael."
"You won?!?!"

Some of the things that were said to me last night while playing the first game.
"You should change your person so that you can go faster."
"I promise that you won't be in 12th as long as you are not Donkey Kong." (don't worry I still was in 12th place when I changed my character)
"Have you even been able to cross the finish line?"
"You are still in 12th place even though you got the bullet?!?!"
After I finally just gave up and quit someone said, "I want Leah to come back so I can at least be in 11th place."

I am apparently a better dancer than driver. I can live with that!

Let's just focus on the important things in life, not driving a car. . .but dancing!


  1. I like that almost all of these quotes are from me! Ha ha ha but you forgot the most important quote of the evening "I nominate myself for an Oscar in the celestial movie of your life!" which was also said by me! I have to get started on my blog!

  2. Hahaha...Leah. I miss you! I really wished we lived by each other so we could play together!

  3. That's hilarious! All growing up, Mario Kart was the only game I could even hold my own against my brothers.