Friday, May 13, 2011

Blonde Moment!

I have been homeless and my mind has been a little scattered this week. I am moving apartments in Logan and my contract to where I have been living ended last Saturday and my new contract does not start till this Saturday. Therefore, I packed up all my stuff in my car and the things that would not fit I left in the kitchen of my old apt. My roommates are also nice enough to let me sleep on the couch until I can move into my new apt.

I will also be working three jobs this summer. So, my work schedule has kind of been crazy and I have been substituting a lot this week for people who are on vacation. Anyway, for the past month I had picked up more hours for one of my jobs helping out with a special needs soccer league that plays on Thursday nights. It has been way fun! It is a community program put on by some mothers.

So, this morning while I am working one of my jobs I remembered that I had to go play soccer tonight because it’s Thursday. It was kind of a crazy day at work and my friend Nicole texted me towards the end of my shift telling me that she had an extra tennis racquet in her apt. Naturally this led me to make plans of playing tennis with her and some friends after that shift of work. I loved being out in the sun hitting the tennis ball around. The weather was perfect and I didn’t have a care in the world! After playing tennis for a while, we all decided that we wanted to go play bocce ball out in the park (which is one of my new favorite games by the way). After losing horribly at that game, we came back to my apt. to watch a movie. My only thought process was just how much I love the summertime!

And then it hit me. . . . (As we were all watching the movie) I let out the biggest gasp of my life grab my head with both hands and say “I FORGOT TO GO TO WORK!” Everyone starts laughing at me as I am freaking out. Someone suggested that we pause the movie as I have my moment. I totally forgot to go to my second job and go play soccer. How does that happen? How did I completely forget to go to work? I swear, only me! I figured it was not that big of a deal because I’m sure the children playing soccer could do without me but I felt terrible. I couldn’t believe I just didn’t go! After an intense moment and laughter we pushed play and watched the rest of the movie. As one of my friends was leaving for the night to go back to his apt. he said, “Hey Leah, don’t forget to go to work tomorrow!” Yeah, Yeah, Laugh it up!

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  1. you totally remembered to go to work today!! I am so proud of you little Lele!! You remembered to wear pants right? that's important.