Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My car struggles sometimes. Just like it's owner!

So just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “I haven’t had anything to blog about lately.” Note to self: Don’t ever think that because then something CRAZY will happen! After today I contemplated about deleting the blog all together because at this point I have just cursed myself for setting up the blog so that crazy things will happen. But then again, this is just my life and these things would happen regardless of this blog and I might as well give other people a laugh also.

So, here was the adventure of today! I had a job interview this morning in Kaysville and I currently live in Logan (which is a little over an hour drive). So I gave myself plenty of time to get there and ready for the interview. I feel that the interview was really basic. I just answered questions….I did not feel like I “WOWed” them or anything.

After coming out of the interview I go to my car to drive back to Logan in time to go back to work. The key would not fit into the ignition. I thought that was weird because I just had driven there. It’s not like I switched keys with myself during the interview. But the key would only go in half way and then the car would beep. I just thought it was one of those the steering wheel was locked situations. But after multiple times of trying I couldn’t get it to work. Then panic mode Leah kicked in. I did not want to go back into the building and ask the people who interviewed me for some help. I thought that would just be weird, and I think they could see me because I was parked in front of the building in front of the window where they interviewed me. I think some trees were hopefully blocking their view of me. Anyway, I was still in panic mode and didn’t know what to do. I called my sister Lacey who now conveniently lives in Bountiful. She came to my rescue in about 15 minutes. I didn’t know how she could help either, but I just felt better not having to be alone.

She tried the same thing on my car that I did and nothing was working. Eventually this man and his teenage son that looked like Justin Beiber came out of the building and were parked next to me. I asked if they could help. Justin Beiber’s dad somehow got the key in the ignition and was able to start it. I was so thankful, and refused asking his son for his autograph. Mr. Beiber told me that I should just go to Layton to the dealership and get another copy of my key made because he thinks that would solve the problem. So that’s what I did.

Although I was still slightly in panic mode, I thanked my sister for her moral support and we parted ways. When I got to the dealership I turned off the car and pretty much ripped the key out of the ignition. It was so weird. I talked to the people there and explained what was going on. I asked them if they could just make me a new copy of the key and I would be on my way. The guy told me that this problem is actually typical of ford focuses, and that he would most likely have to replace the whole key cylinder. This would cost me around $400-$500 and that he could have it done around 5:30! (It was around 11:30 at this point) Naturally I switched to panic mode again and explained to him that I needed to get back to Logan soon and go to work. He offered to hook me up with a shuttle ride or that I could rent a car for the day. That’s not what I had in mind though. I left him with the keys knowing that it was my mistake for going to a dealership and that I was going to get ripped off major and that I was going to be abandoned for the next 6 hours of my life.

I called into work and luckily was able to find people to cover for me. I then called my sister back who had already made it back to her place in Bountiful and explained my situation. I told her that I was just going to hang around there and find ways to entertain myself. I had started walking across the busy street to get some food in my heels and a skirt interview clothing feeling like a hopeless fool. My sister told me she would come rescue me again because she didn’t want me hanging out at a gas station for 6 hours. Haha!

I’m so thankful that Lacey came to rescue me! We hung out and ran around doing things. I felt so bad for her though because she had an allergic reaction to some medication and her ankle was huge! She told me that it was big but I thought she was just exaggerating. So we go to get some medicine and she showed the pharmacist. I almost busted up laughing because she was not kidding! I kept my cool until the pharmacist walked away and freaked out with her in the middle of the isle. Needless to say it was really bad! I feel bad for laughing at her so hard but I had never seen anything like it. (Sorry Lacey for publically announcing that).

Anyway, after hanging out with Lacey for a while she takes me back to the dealership. I waited another hour and fifteen min. for the car. It’s so awkward there. I go to the waiting room to sit down and this Grandpa is there with his wife. The wife stands up to use the bathroom and the Grandpa looks me up and down and does this head nod at me and smiles. Gross! I was texting my mom to keep myself entertained and to give her the update of my situation and tell her about the gross Grandpa. She tells me “Looking good for the guys, a little eye candy!” As I throw up slightly in my mouth from my mom’s text I was thankful to see that Grandpa’s wife came back.

$453.69 later my car is fixed. Since I just graduated my next plan is to find a career. After that, my first new purchase is going to be a car! This is not the first time I have had problems with it in the past six months alone. I guess I should also say that I am thankful for the whole timing of it all and how everything seemed to work out. I really do feel that the Lord does look out for his Blonde daughters!

Side note: Please no jokes about Ford’s. I have heard them all. I didn’t know my car would give me such trouble. I’m a girl and bought it because I thought it was a cute car!

Anyway, Oh the Life of Leah!

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