Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Stalker!

Ok, I admit it. . . I am a blog stalker! Ever since I entered into the blog world I have found other blogs that I enjoy stalking. Since all of my roommates were gone for the weekend I took a three hour nap after church (opps!) and then started blog stalking to keep myself entertained. I don’t feel the slightest bit weird for admitting that either!

In the midst of my grogginess I found this Mormon Messages video that one of my friends had posted on their blog. How thankful I am for my blog stalking abilities today!

While viewing this video, tears started streaming down my face. I am thankful for our Heavenly Father who allows us to learn from other people’s experiences.


  1. Sisty- My friend and her boyfriend MADE this video. They live in California!

  2. No way! That is so crazy! Tell them that this was incredible and that I loved it!

  3. Geez I wonder where you got this from ;)