Monday, July 25, 2011

Where is China?

My friends and I have made it a tradition for the past two summers to have “Tennis Tuesday”. Yes it is just what the name implies, we play tennis on Tuesday nights. Just because I have been playing once a week for the past two summers does not mean that I am any good, but we always have a good time chasing the tennis ball around.

This past Tuesday as we were playing there was a Chinese girl on the other side of the fence watching us play. I decided to be nice and started making conversation with her. We had an extra tennis racquet and I asked her if she wanted to come play with us. She said, “No thank you!” I told her that she really could come play and that we were not any good so it would not be a big deal. She said that she was waiting for a friend and that he was going to teach her how to play.

Since this blog is called “Me just me being me like” I can’t end the story there because my name is Leah. . . and here is how the next part of the conversation went:

Me: “Where are you from?”
Chinese Girl: “China”
Me: “Where?”
Chinese Girl: “China”
Me: “Um…I’m sorry I don’t know where that is!”
Chinese Girl: (Looking REALLY confused) “It’s in Asia!”
Me: (Even more confused) “Ok cool, I have just never heard of Tanner before and don’t know where that is.”
Scott: (coming to save the day) "LEAH! She is from China!"
Me: (face completely red I’m sure) "OH CHINA! I’m sorry I thought for some reason you said you were from Tanner and I was so confused!"
Chinese Girl: "Oh I’m sorry!"
Me: “You were probably thinking dumb American that doesn’t know where China is!”
Chinese girl: (awkwardly laughing clearly trying to get out of the situation) "Well, you go have fun playing tennis."

As I proceeded back to the tennis court with my head hanging low jokes were flying about me not knowing where China was. Of course I participated and made fun of myself saying I can’t remember the last time I read a label that said “Made in Tanner!”


  1. HAHA...Love you! So funny! Even more funny is that I could totally hear you voice while I was reading this! WEIRD! haha.

  2. I LOVE reading your blog Leah!! When are you moving for your new job - do you have time to meet for lunch or something one day?

  3. Haha! I think we've ALL had moments like this! It definitely makes me feel better about my own!

  4. Ha Ha Oh Leah,. . You'll get better soon. Your Aunt Sharon would have had her playing in no time & I only have one ear. I was made for that excuse "tanner" in the words of my brother,"Oh Brother Leah" ha ha ha