Friday, August 5, 2011

I thought it was a good idea at the time

Have you ever done something that in your head you thought it was a good idea. . . but then when you actually ended up following through with it, it wasn’t? This happens to me all the time! I’m sure if you know me, is hard for you to imagine anything like that ever happening to me (Sarcasm). Well buckle up Blog readers for how my thoughts took me on my next adventure.

It was that time again when I needed to do laundry. I am not the biggest fan of coin-op laundry but have been doing it for about the past 7 years of my life. Quarters are like gold in my minds eye. Whenever I plan to go to my parent’s house I always have weeks worth of laundry to do that I have saved up. I knew I would be going home again this weekend and had saved up all of my laundry.

On Thursday I look at my bare closet, full laundry basket, and try to put together a clean outfit. I found a clean shirt and some pants to wear but the shirt I was going to wear needed an undershirt to go with it. I have a plethora of Down East t-shirt undershirts but once again, most of them were in the laundry basket. Digging in my closet I find a clean undershirt that I never wear anymore because there is a big stain on it that no matter how many times I have washed it will not come out. I think to myself, “I can’t wear the undershirt like this with a big stain on it. . .what if I just wear it backwards instead so you can’t see the stain! Yeah, best idea ever Leah!” Feeling proud of my new idea, I purposefully put my undershirt on backwards and thought, “it doesn’t look too bad.” I then run off to work thinking, “Wow I am really special. I purposefully put my shirt on backwards today!” At work there are two-way-mirrors so that parents can monitor their children. As a result, I can see myself all the time in the mirror at work. As the hours at work go on I can see and feel that my backwards shirt is becoming a turtleneck and looks absolutely ridiculous! Although my co-workers never said anything to me, I knew it was very noticeable just how special I was and how I thought it was a good idea at the time.

P.S. Did I leave my shirt backwards for the rest of the day? Yes I did!

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  1. You're too funny Leah! I once woke up when I should have been at the airport (I lived in Reno at the time and worked at said airport, so the plan was to drive myself and leave my car in employee parking). I threw on my clothes, rushed out the door (I'd packed the night before), and got there just as they were finishing boarding. It was after I got a deep breath that I looked down to see that my shirt was inside out AND backwards. I waited for the seat belt sign was off and I was able to move around to go into the plane's bathroom to fix it.