Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Beginnings

I started my new job training this week. I will be working as an Early Head Start teacher. I am excited about the job, but just as anything new comes around it's a little bit different and dare I say scary at first, and the chidren have not even come yet! (They will start Monday.)

Transition time is always a little bit exciting and awkward in my life. I was talking to my sister about all of this who is also a recent graduate and starting her career in the same school district as I am and who also lives in bountiful. (I will also be moving to bountiful the beginning of September. What can I say, I want to be just like her.) We were venting to each other about how everyone views us as so young in the professional working world and may not think that we know anything. (I am choosing to not share all of my embarrassing stories that have happened over the past week at work because they are just that. . . . embarrassing, and not everyone needs to know.) Ok. . . well maybe just one, but I am leaving out major detail. During a training in front of everyone, my boss made fun of me by saying something that I did was “cute” meaning that he walked into my classroom unexpectedly and most likely thought I was just being a dumb blonde. I do not feel like explaining the whole situation but let’s just say that being called “cute” by your boss and then him chuckling at something that I did does not make me seem professional. Then almost in the same sentence he said that he was thankful that I was there and have had a lot of experience with children and thinks that I will do a great job.

Anyway, after the venting session with my sister we decide to go to the farmers market in Bountiful. We did not stay for very long and it was pretty uneventful until we got back into the car. Lacey was driving and right as she started backing out, the inside of car smelled horrible. I thought Lacey passed gas or something but I didn’t want to ask her about it because I know Lacey and she claims that she does not do that anyway! Lacey then said, “It smells bad in here!” I very softly just say “yeah.” In my mind I was thinking “Why did she even comment about that because if she is the one who passed gas then I am surprised that she even mentioned something about it.” But in her mind she thought that I did because I said “yeah” so very softly. As the smell lingered and thoughts of my petite sister making something smell that bad was just strange to me. She finally said, “Did we step in something? I look down at my shoes and sure enough I had stepped in something. . . .something big! I scream and start gagging because the smell is getting stronger and stronger. I roll down the window and start yelling at her to pull over! She laughs and tells me NO! As I continue gagging out the window we pull up to her apartment complex. I wipe and toothpick the dog present from my

shoe and it was so gross!

Yes, this is what my life is coming to. Being called cute and stepping in crap! On that note, Lacey also shared a wise piece of advice with me from one of our favorite movies Hope Floats. “Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it's what's in the middle that counts. So, when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.”


  1. Oh,my word Miss Powell!! I love you soo much! You can always bring a smile to my face!! I am sure you be wonderful in your new job!!