Thursday, September 15, 2011

First time for everything!

I just pulled out of the neighborhood in Kaysville where I work and headed for home. Like a good driver I slow down at the school zone flashing lights and was contemplating my financial state of life. All of a sudden a cop pulls out in front of me making a left hand turn. I then say out loud to myself, "Yeah just because you are a cop doesn't mean that you can pull out in front of me." I proceed to drive on through the cross walk and continue back to my financial thoughts. I then take a quick glace in my rear view mirror and see the dreaded red and blue flashing lights. Quickly pulling over and being so confused my thoughts about saving money were shot.

Cop: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
Me: "I honestly have no clue!"
Cop: "The cross walk lady came out with her stop sign and you drove right on through"
Me: "Oh WOW! I didn't even see her, at all!" (Honest truth! She was coming out from the other side of the road and I did not see her)

He asks for all my information etc. and goes back to his car. At this point I was not really feeling any emotion at all. I have never been pulled over before, but always pictured myself becoming a 16 year old girl again and start busting into tears in hopes that the cop would have some sympathy on me. But my vision of this first time was wrong. I felt no feelings of guilt, sadness, or anger. . . .nothing. I was pretty much just bored sitting there waiting for him to come back.

After a while. . . .
Cop: "I'm going to give you a citation because of all the complaints we have here at this particular intersection about people not stopping. (Proceeds to explain paper work. . .) and sign here.
Me: "Ok, I'm sorry I just honestly did not see her."
Cop: Yeah did you see me pull out in front of you?
Me: "Yeah, I just thought there was enough of a gap in front of me and the next car so you just went." (clearly leaving out the part what I said about him, but it ALMOST slipped out!) "Was she right in the middle of the road?
Cop: "She was about two steps away from the cones in the middle so I turned left to get out of the way, and then you just went. The cross walk lady then gave you a look!"
Me: "Ok good to know!"

While driving away, I once again just felt normal, like nothing had happened. Meh, life goes on. My mom told me that I should have responded to the cop's first question of "do you know why I pulled you over" by saying, "because you wanted my number?"

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