Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love hanging out with myself!

A few years ago I had this friend who would say, "I love hanging out with myself, I am so funny!" I would agree with him that I thought he was funny but never really understood the full meaning of him loving to hang out with himself until today.

Having moved to Bountiful where I don't really know anyone incredibly well, I have spent some time here and there exploring Bountiful by myself. (Don't worry this is not going to be one of those woe is me posts!)

Today after work instead of being productive and cleaning my room (like I should have been doing) I decided to go on a what I thought was going to be a brisk walk/hike. I saw this trail up by the temple a few days ago and thought I would try it out. It seemed to me like it would just be a nice walk in the mountains.

I get up to the hike and see a young mother with four children (one strapped to her) walking from the trail to her car. I stop and ask her about the different trails up here and she tells me about the beautiful views. She also informs me about different trails in Bountiful that I should try out since I am not from around here. I thank her for the tips and decide to take a different trail that she just came from. She had come from the trail that started downhill and I decided to take the one going uphill. I figured if a mom with four children including the one strapped to her went on the downhill trial, then I would try the uphill one.

About 15-20 minutes later I thought I would have to send up a smoke signal for someone to come rescue me. I didn't see anyone walking on the uphill trail and soon figured out why. It never stopped going up. The further I walked the steeper it became. "I can do this" I told myself. Hahaha!

As I kept climbing and sometimes even started jogging up the mountain I eventually realized that it was not going to level out anytime soon and I decided to stop. Upon stopping I saw the most beautiful deer about 30 feet away from me frolicking so freely. It was so cool! I decided I wanted to see more wildlife and took about 10 more steps up the mountain. I swear the altitude was getting thinner because my lungs could not handle it. "Ok (thinking to myself) that was fun, but time to go back down!"

As I turned to go back down I realized that it was way more steep coming down. *Flashback* I was and have always been the slowest person coming down the hill from a hike. Even in Young Women's everyone would laugh at my slow Grandma pace coming down a hill from hiking. (Flashback over). I was on a part of the trail that is kind of narrow and had a lot of loose rocks. I started to spread eagle it down with my feet planted on the solid ground on either side of the trail. Ever so carefully avoiding the gravel in the middle. As I continue with my grandma walk, I was SO glad that I was alone because I knew I looked ridiculous! Then I started laughing at myself. This made my balance so much worse and was falling over. I eventually sat right down on the rocks of the trail and was laughing hysterically at myself.

Wow! Now I can truly and honestly say I love hanging out with myself, I was having a blast sitting on the side of the mountain laughing all alone!

Don't worry I eventually made it back down all by myself and am safe and sound!