Friday, November 18, 2011

Awkwardness finds me!

There are a few things in life that I feel like I thrive off of. Three of those being drama, gossip, and awkwardness. Right next to food and sleep. I guess that's five things. Oh well. I don't know why, but I just love drama and awkwardness. But I feel like these two things are always finding me! In my defense I do work with Teen Mom's so that is where my drama fix has come from lately. I feel that I bring so many awkward moments upon myself daily that I do not even realize that they are awkward moments anymore, I just call it life. Anyway, this past week I have experienced two people having awkward moments. Although during these moments you could have cut the awkwardness with a knife, I just smiled instead.

Awkward incident #1: On Sunday during ward prayer a group of us were talking. Boy #1 "Hey I heard you and your girlfriend broke up." Boy #2: "Yeah" Boy #1 "Well I heard that she (your x-girlfriend) wants my brother's body!" Boy#2 "Um...Ok". The rest of us just stood there awkwardly laughing because no one knew what to do. I don't even remember how the conversation turned from there but awkward! Then when I came home from ward prayer I discovered that my fly had been down. I didn't even feel the slightest bit awkward about myself because I know that was not the most awkward moment of the night!

Awkward incident #2: I was at Target in the baking isle and overheard this conversation. Man#1: "Hey you look familiar" Man #2: "Um. . . ok" Man #1 "Where do you work?" Man #2 "I have a real estate business" Man #1: says something about real estate I can't remember what he said but then asked for the guys card. Man #2: "Sorry I don't have a card with me." Man #1: "Oh well I have some buddies in real estate, what's your number? (As he whips out his phone). Man #2: "I'm sorry what is this for?" Man#1: "Oh, I just have some buddies in real estate and I was just going to get your number" Man#2: "Oh that's ok!" Man#1: (at this point I could have cut the awkwardness with a knife) "Oh well in today's world you have to do a lot of networking." He then just grabs something off the shelf I'm guessing he was not even going to buy then walks away. Poor man #1 I just felt bad for him. He just looked so awkward when he walked away almost like the girl of his dreams just dumped him. Later I see him in the cereal isle and I could tell he was avoiding eye contact with me because I knew of the awkward moment he had two isles ago.

Although I felt so awkward during these moments, it was just nice for me to know that I was not the one causing it this time. Trust me I have had my awkward moments in the sun! Just go back to my blog post entitled "Where is China!?!?!?" and see for yourself.

Oh and tonight my friend Annie totally awkwarded out my roommates to the point where they even left the room when she said, "One time I made my roommates white couch pink while wearing my red velvet pants when my boyfriend was over!" I started laughing really hard and then she said, "Did you notice how I awkwarded your roommates out of the room?"

Ok so I am also a big fan of pintrest. (this is related to this blog post I promise) If you don't know what pintrest is then i'm sure you will receive an invite to it sooner or later. Anyway, there are always awkward moment pins that I just love! Here are a few!

The ghetto swimming pool.
I showed this picture to my sister Lacey one time and she was laughing pretty hard because she told me that her and her childhood friend Tamara actually did this!

The moment when you find out where you came from.

The awkward moment when your friends arm makes you look like you are naked.

When you don't know if Grandma is planking or if she is dead

So. . . people who read my blog, what are some of the awkward moments that you have had lately?

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