Friday, November 11, 2011

Size 6?!?!

Ya know how there are drug commercials or advertisements that say "TRUTH" and then they have a fact about smoking or whatever. Well here is one about Leah:

TRUTH: I have never claimed to be nor do I ever think anything on my body is a size 6.
Let's be honest here people! When I go to the clothing store I don't look for a size 6 in anything. Nor can I recall a time in my life when I ever have. For those of you who are a size 6 congrats!

Anyway, so here is my story. Today after work I decided to go to the mall. Did I need anything? No! Was I looking for something in particular? No! Just good old mall browsing is what I was going for.

On my way to the mall I was distracted by another store. Plato's closet. I had never been there before and for some reason I was more interested in going there than the mall. As I was brousing the isles trying on shoes I found these for $11

I thought they were cute for $11.00 and they looked new. I tried them on and they fit. So I decided to buy them. I was then looking around at the other shoes nearby and discovered I was in the shoe size 6 section. I regularly wear around a size 8 or 8.5 As I examined the shoes closer they were labeled size 6. As I wondered around the store looking at other things I continually slipped the shoes on my feet because I didn't believe that they fit me. May I remind you about the Truth: Nothing on Leah's body is a size 6.

I then decided that I had to buy the shoes because they would now be my size 6 miracle shoes! Not to mention they were only $11.00 cheap miracle if you ask me!


  1. I want a size 6 miracle! I'll have to start looking...

  2. As I was standing in line at the library check out counter, this old lady scooted really close to me and was staring at my shoes. She finally commented on them and said that she liked them. I thought it was so funny how close and how long she was standing next to me looking at the ground before she said anything. She said that she also had earmuffs that would match my shoes if she bought my same shoes.