Monday, December 26, 2011

Random happenings

Random/rare things that have been going on:
1. I got a random eye infection. I will never sleep overnight in my contacts again. It felt like someone was constantly spraying hair spray in my eye for about 24 hours until I could see an eye Dr. who gave me all of these different kinds of eye drops.
2. I now have 7 different kinds of eye drops in my medicine cabinet. Not all of these were from the eye Dr. I was trying to cure the eye infection myself with a variety of over the counter drops which did not work.
3. You know you are a teacher when get a laminator for Christmas and you are REALLY excited about it and have a desire to lamanate everything!
4. Someone actually asked me out on a date. (Trust me, that is rare!) I don't think he knows what he is getting himself into, but he's such a nice/great guy!
5. I actually made something I pinned on pinterest and it turned out cute!
6. Some of my extended family came over Christmas night and here is how part of the conversation went with my favorite Aunt. (She is showing me pictures on her phone) "And here is my dog, here is your uncle, and here are my boobs!" (Well, I guess that is not random or rare for her to show me that. . . yeah there is always one in the family! And don't worry, it was just a little low cut shirt.)
7. One of my friends texted me telling me how great he thought it was that I changed my profile pic to me of one in Jr. High. When I explained to him that it was a recent picture of me as of three weeks ago he did not believe me. So apparently I look like I am in Jr. High. . .oh well!
8. I ran a 5k on the olyptical the other day. Then my calf muscles were burning and sore and I was limping for the next 2 days because of it.
9. My boss told me that he hired me for my cutting skills and not my paper folding or ripping skills. Although I know he was being sarcastic, I took it as a complement because I can't cut a straight line, but apparently he was impressed!
10. I tried a ring on my finger at the store and I started to panic because I could not get it off. It was legit stuck on my finger. I thought I was going to have to buy it because I couldn't get it off. I finally resorted to spitting on my finger a little to get it off. I didn't even feel bad about doing that unsanitary act because I really didn't want to buy it.