Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who is this man?

Back in August of 2009 my friend Andrea was married in the SLC temple. She invited me and my parents to her wedding. It was beautiful! As my mom and I were walking around temple square admiring all of the beautiful brides my mom grabed my arm and said, "Look at that man!" Unfortunately she was not pointing at a young attractive man, but this older tall man whose hair was sticking straight up. Ok that explanation does not do justice. Let me try to explain the best I can without a picture of him.

So this man had grey hair, THICK grey hair, and was not balding at all. Ok now imagine someone combing and parting a man's hair from the top of his ear lobe all the way around the back of his head, to the top of the other ear lobe. Got it?!?! Well all of that was sticking straight up. It was not spiked with individual chunks it was each individual hair sticking straight up. and it was sticking straight up at least 2 or 3 inches from the top of his forehead. It was obviously different enough for my mom to pick him out in the crowds at temple square.

This is not him (obviously, although the man I am describing slightly looks like this picture) just imagine this man's head was cut off right above his ears, all of that hair was combed straight up and I would say it is about as long as this man's hair in the picture.

I had never seen anything like it. I tried to take a quick picture of the back of his head but by the time we passed him on temple square it was a little too late.

My mom and I spent the next half hour or so wondering why he styled his hair this way and tried explaining the very strange hair style to my dad.

*******Ok now fast forward about 4 months from that point******
I'm in Logan going to school and went to do a session at the Logan temple. As I walk into the temple and sit down who do I see across the way?!?!?! Grey thick haired sticking straight up tall man in the temple session that I was in! He abruptly left right after the session was over so I did not have the chance to muster up enough courage to go and talk to him. (I doubt I would have anyway, what was I supposed to say? "So um, I have seen you before and wondered why you do your hair like that." At times I feel that I am very bold and tactless, but not in this situation!)

********Fast forward about 7 months from that point*********
I'm still living in Logan and went to the temple again. As I pass the recommend desk, I see Grey thick haired sticking straight up tall man in the temple again! Of course as he passes me I am still in shock of his hair and I do one of those turn around things as he passes by me so I can look at the back of his head. I mean who is this guy!?!?!?!

*******Fast forward to last week***********
My friend Megan Fankhauser went through the temple for the first time and I was able to go. She went through the Oquirrh Mountain temple. Everything was beautiful! As I'm walking towards the door who do I see?!?!?! Grey thick haired sticking straight up tall man! This time I had not even made it into the temple doors and as he passed by me I think my jaw had dropped uncontrollably. I was so tempted to call my mom and tell her who I saw for the 4th time at the temple, but decided to just wait until I got home to tell her.

This story may not sound crazy to any of you, but it was so crazy to me. Have any of you ever seen this man? He will most likely be found around temples. What a faithful man, but just a very strange hairstyle. If any of you ever see him, you will know who I am talking about immediately!

*Side note* If someone who is reading this tells me that the Grey thick hair sticking straight up tall man is your father I re-assure you that I am not making fun of him. I am just very curious about his hairstyle!

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