Monday, January 9, 2012

One of those "I need to take a picture of that" moments.

Whenever I go somewhere I generally have my phone on me. Which conveniently has a camera on it also (high rollin' I know). I like to take pictures of things that I think are funny or random while I am out and about. But most of the time I take pictures of things that are a bit ridiculous and I think to myself "I need to take a picture of that!" I would like to share some of these pictures with you today. Except for one time when I was at Wal-mart with my friends I saw this really attractive black man and tried snapping a picture of him non-shalauntly but it didn't work out, so I'm sorry to report that he will not shown.

Also, I have only had my current phone for about 6 months. Therefore the classic picture of a neon yellow T-shirt that says "JUICY GIRL NEXT DOOR" in black letters that I found at Ross is on my old phone (which is not currently in my possession) will also not be pictured here. So here we go. . .

I was going to my ward Christmas party and we were supposed to bring white elephant gifts. I didn't have any wrapping paper, but my roommate had Happy Birthday paper so I borrowed some of that. Then I discovered that I didn't have any tape, so I found some band-aids to use instead and put this note on the package. It says, "Dear person who get's this. . . It's most likely not even close to your B-day but it's the only wrapping paper I had. AND I did not have any tape. But I promise the band-aids were not previously used.

Sorry this is sideways, I'm too lazy to re-load it the right way. Anyway, here is an AWKWARD engagement photo that my friend showed me. They are featured on a playground in some slides. I'm sorry but he just looks like a total creeper to me. I had to document this somehow. I am positive he really isn't a creeper in real life. I think the photographer was trying to be artistic but it didn't really work if you ask me.

Once again sideways (Sorry) I was sitting in the oquirrh mountain temple parking lot just contemplating life for a minute and in my side view mirror, I could see the Jordan River temple. So I took a picture of it. You can't tell at all in this picture but the bottom half of the picture is my drivers side mirror and one of the bright dots in the mirror is the Jordan river temple reflecting back. It was cool, just trust me!

This is a magnet hanging on my mom's fridge

Great sign. One day this will be hanging in my bathroom.

(Sideways sorry) If only the store was selling this dress when I was prom dress shopping!

My very talented friend Jennifer made this cake for her daughters 2nd birthday, decorated with marshmallows it's so cute!

(sideways because of laziness on my part) I was browsing the isles of the Bountiful library and found this book. I don't know what it's about but thought it strange to find something like this in Bountiful.

When I was at Snow college (many moons ago) my roommate read me a bedtime story and this was the book. I found it at the bookstore one time. She substituted the word rock for husband, which made the book a lot more interesting and entertaining. If you ever come across this book I suggest reading it and making the substitution.

One of my friends served her mission in Sweden. Over the summer she told me about this tradition that they have. (I don't remember the name of the tradition) But basically that night (also don't remember which specific night it is, but this happened this past summer) you go out to the mountains to pick wild flowers. You have to pick 10 different flowers, or maybe it's seven. I can't remember how many. (Sorry Stephanie I am trying to express how much fun this was but can't remember the details of the tradition) Anyway, Once the first flower is picked you are not allowed to talk! Once all of your flowers are picked you put them under your pillow and whoever you dream about that night is your future husband. So, my friends and I tried this. It was SO hard not to talk, or laugh, or anything. We were also out in the mountains with no flashlights except the light from our cell phones. My cell phone died about three min into the adventure so I had to rely on my friend's cell phone lights which were really dim to find 10 different wild flowers. It took us a while and I seriously almost rolled down a really big hill on the side of the mountain because I tripped and fell. Yeah, that was really hard not to laugh and scream out for help. If you talked, you had to start all over with the flower picking fest. Oh how I wish my friends knew some sign language at that moment. So we just silently giggled at each other the whole time. Finally when we found all of our flowers we went home in anticipation of having great dreams. I woke up the next morning not remembering anything I dreamed about. Hmm. . .what does that mean? I can't become a cat lady because I hate cats.

Ha ha yes! I found this sign hanging up in my friend Taryn's room.

So once upon a time I was able to go on a girls get-a-way-weekend a few weeks ago with my friend Becca and some other friends. (Yes, Becca you are finally making it to my blog. Not just because you asked me when you would make it on here, but because you are that cool) Normally when people do these type of things they take pictures of themselves doing fun things, or the beautiful scenery around them. But not me! what do I take pictures of? The cool bathroom towel display at my weekend get-a-way place. This was the bathroom at East canyon resort. Look at the cool bow they made out of washcloths!

It may look kind of is ghetto to some people but I thought it was cool!

AND THIS IS BECCA HALL! THE COOLEST GIRL EVER! (Sorry Becca I will try and not make this sound like a personal add). We went hot tubbing in east canyon resort out in the snow. And discovered that if we put snow on our heads it cooled us off, and made it look like some bird crapped on our heads. Talk about a fashion statement! But yes, this is Becca Hall whom I just adore! Side story about Becca. . . we were hanging out at the condo resort place and there was a bed that folded up into the wall. Becca started asking us truth or dare questions. When she said she would do a dare I dared her to let us close her into the wall bed. With the help of Ashlee Jensen this was possible. Although when she was closed into the wall bed she could not breathe, I think she was totally safe and was able to cross off something on her bucket list at the same time! Score! I was also laughing so hard at this moment that when we were bringing her back down I lost strength and pretty much dropped her laying on the bed.

I found this in Logan Utah. Disgusting to me. . . seriously!

I'm weird, but I like to look at the license plates of the cars in front of me whenever I am driving to see if they ever have my initials on their plates. A few weeks ago someone that was in front of me did! LJP I thought it was cool but I couldn't get close enough to actually prove it so just trust me, this car did.

I know I have already posted this picture which is the front of my friend Annie's Hymn book that she new and improved upon but this just makes me so happy! It was definitely one of those "I need to take a picture of that!" moments when she busted it out in Sacrament meeting to sing the hymn.

And last but not least, I was sort of tempted to buy these Justin Bieber bed sheets but just took a picture of them instead.

I do have other pictures of some great things from my phone, but I feel like this post is getting too long. . .and I don't generally read blog posts if they are super long because I lose interest. So congrats if you always get through my posts because they are always super long.

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