Saturday, January 14, 2012

The magical place where things get lost

For any of you that know me well, you know that I am constantly losing things. Many many many times I find myself on my knees praying in order to find something. And Many many many times after praying I find what I am looking for, and am so thankful! I wonder if sometimes Heavenly Father is tired of hearing me ask Him for help in finding what I lost because trust me, it happens A LOT!

Anyway, last night I went to my sister's house to borrow her Costco card. Because every Mormon wants to buy things in bulk and I am no exception. Mostly I just wanted to buy garbage bags and strawberries in bulk. And I was planning on going during lunchtime to taste all of the yummy samples that take place on a Saturday. So back to my story, my sister willingly let me borrow her card. Right when she put it in my hand I had this feeling of "You are going to lose this card" but took from her hand anyway.

Then. . . I was right. Somehow from her apartment, to my car, to my apartment (about a 7 min drive) the card completely disintegrated but I did not realize this until lunchtime today (When I was about to leave). I tore my room completely apart looking for it. I literally even stripped the sheets off of my bed and moved everything around. Side note** These are the following things that I found in my room that I had previously lost and now are found while looking for the costco card. The cap of my toothpaste, $76 (I knew that was somewhere in my room, I just didn't know where), my ipod, my black headband, and a crochet hook. I still cannot find one of the Lost DVD's that I borrowed from the library from the last season. It was there last time I opened the case, I still have no clue where it is. Hopefully I can find it before I get to those episodes and before it is due back. I do think it is ironic that I lost a Lost DVD. Anyway, the costco card was no where to be found. I even searched my car and the parking lot.

I was super frustrated because I knew this was going to happen! I decided to just go to the regular grocery store to buy non-bulk food. While at the grocery store I was temped to buy myself some strawberries but I just couldn't bring myself to do it and knew that I wouldn't be satisfied unless they came in bulk. Anyway, as I was getting the groceries out from my car I had to look around one more time, (although I had already looked) And then there it was! Shoved in the side of the passenger chair and door. Oh happy day and answered prayer. **Side story** About 4 years ago I lost my wallet and could not find it anywhere. I thought I was going to have to replace everything in my wallet. As I was driving around and re-tracing my steps to where I thought I had it last I could not find it. I was in a church parking lot because that's the last place I had it was at church and it was not thre. I was so frustrated that I just layed down on the non-bucket seats of my car face down. Then I opened my eyes and it was sitting right there. In the same spot, shoved between the passenger seat and the door (the magical place where things get lost) Next time I lose something I am looking there first, even if I did not have the item in the car, and I suggest that you look in the same magical spot next time you lose something.

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  1. You should have given it back to me tonight! If you lost it in 7 minutes who knows where it will be after all day! :)