Friday, January 20, 2012

Am I Diva enough?

I like zebra print things. But let me explain. . .I'm not the type of girl that is weird about it. One time a friend of a friend told me she knows someone (this story sounds sketchy but just let me get through it) that her wedding colors were going to be bright pink and zebra. I mean come on! For you wedding?!?! (Here is my judgmental side coming out) I can only imagine what type of girl this is. She is the one who has the really intense Utah hair poof thing going on, her nails, make-up, and clothing is perfect at all times. She is the one who is super skinny with no personality, where everything about her is fake from her eyelashes to her overly large chest area. (Sorry about the last description I will keep it clean from here on out). That's not me!

I went to target today and found myself wondering around the clearance section (My favorite part of any store) and found an overly large sized zebra print purse. My first thought was oh that's cute, and immediately checked the price tag. When I saw it was only $8.48 it became even more cute! Do I need it? NO! But the cuteness of the purse transformed right before my eyes.

I walked away and found a cute scarf for $6.00 and decided to buy that instead. But the zebra purse kept haunting my thoughts. I know myself and knew that if I didn't buy it I would just find myself back at the store tomorrow to buy it. But then I had this internal debate inside of my head. Am I Diva enough to pull that off? Upon contemplation I thought of course I'm not! Not at all!

I then looked to my right and saw a full length mirror. I dropped my current purse and put the new one on my shoulder. Hmm. . .as I contemplated me holding that purse I actually felt kind of silly. I was definitely not Diva enough for it. But did I buy it anyway? Yes I did!

During this whole process I was in the middle of a texting conversation with my friend Jennifer who has known me since I was about 7. She thought I was Diva enough for it, even if I don't. The other plus side to this purse is that it's big. The only reason I would need that much room is for all my snacks. No, not for my un-born children, but for me! I pretty much always carry snacks around with me. One time I was rummaging for something in my purse and someone asked me why I had a whole jar of peanut butter and honey in there. Duh, It's to make myself a sandwich while I'm at work. I then pulled out the piece of bread that I had in a zip lock bag to show them:) It's like a grocery store in my purse and there is definitely enough room in this zebra purse for a whole meal!

So now, here is the trick. . . I know I am not Diva enough for it, but the next question is does it just now make me look like white trash? Hmm. . . Perhaps but I don't care!


  1. Of course you can use this. Sling it on your shoulder and the diva will come out in you!

  2. Oh you can pull it off! In the words of my Aunt & your Great Aunt Pearl
    If ever a Brown Grocery Bag to a zebra print. . . Pack that sucker full of your snacks. As long as your not hungry & you think you look good!! Who cares what your un-born children will think if they ever see a picture of your snack bag. LOL Love You (hahayourjustlikeus)

  3. If only you had gotten those pajama bottoms a few months ago. Then when you wire that and you purse and slippers to wal- mart, you could fulfill that second category.