Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart string tugs

Sometimes moments in life just make me feel good! Tonight I was able to go to a FHE fireside with Paul Cardall speaking/playing the piano. I have to say he was very inspiring. As he played the piano I couldn't help but wipe the tears from my eyes and think about all of my blessings. When I got home I put his book on hold at the library to be picked up tomorrow.

I was talking to my sister Alison who lives in Kansas on the phone yesterday and she told me this little story: She had Annie (my Niece who I am obsessed with) was sitting on her lap. Alison said she was just talking to her saying, "Annie there are so many people who love you!" And then started naming off people who love her. Annie just sat there quietly listening to Mom's list of people. Alison told me that when she said my name to Annie that she got this huge smile on her face. Then when she moved onto the next name, she just kind of sat there on her lap listening again. Although I am so far away from her right now that just touched at my little heart strings and made me so happy. I really do love you Annie girl!

Something else that has touched me lately was one of my old mission companion's blog post. (I did not get permission from her to copy and paste this so I hope it's ok! I love you Sister Thinnes!) She has the most adorable little boy ever and is expecting a little girl. Here is part of her latest post, (definitely pulled at my heart strings)

What I love most...

I love the cars in the window sill lined up behind my couch
because that means I have a little boy that knows how to play.

I love the books that are scattered throughout my house
because I know that means my little boy likes to read.

I love the sticky finger prints of syrup on my table
because that means I have a little boy to make that mess.

I love the crayon scribbles across my table
because that means I have a little boy who is learning.

I love the tiny little handprints on my windows
because that means I have a little boy who lives in this house.

I love the little voice that calls out "Mommy" every morning and naptime
because that means I have a little boy who trusts in me.

I love the snuggles and random slobbery kisses
because that means I have a little boy who loves me.

I love when my I get tiny jabs and kicks in my tummy
because that means I have a healthy baby coming.

I don't love being sick, but I do appreciate the compassion my husband has when I am.

I love the sweet kiss from my husband that wakes me up
because that means I get to wake up to my fairytale everyday!

I love knowing my best girl friend is only a call away
because that means I have some fond childhood memories and more to come!

I love that I get to make dinner almost everyday
because that means I have food to feed my family

I love my trials that make me feel I can't go any further
because that means I get a chance to pray.

I love being able to pray everyday and anytime I need to talk
because that means I have a Heavenly Father who will listen and comfort me when I think all is lost!

I love my life!

Thanks for letting me share Sister Thinnes! I just love reading your blog! I am so thankful that the Lord knows how to send His sweet tender mercies to me and pull at my heart strings a little the past few days, what amazing things.


  1. Beautiful Leah! Thanks for sharing these thoughts :)

  2. You have always had such a tender heart. One of your sweetest qualities! Love You