Thursday, February 2, 2012

Appreciating socks on the floor, whiskers in the sink, and things not taken to the DI

Today my sister and I went to my parents house for a visit and a free meal. I was so tired that I decided to take a cat nap on the couch. My Sister and Mom had one of those Mother/Daughter talks. I figured they were having one of those talks as I lifted my head from the pillow and found a perfectly round drool circle about an inch and a half in diameter (Not kidding) on the pillow and thought to myself, why am I still single?!?!?

This is part of the conversation that I heard as I was waking up. My mom was talking about how today she was walking around in her room and saw my Father's socks on the floor. She then started crying because it just made her think about how much she loved him and how thankful she is to have such a loving husband. The socks on the floor made her think of him, and that made her happy. My sister then said, (something to the effect of) Mom, I remember you telling me that before (so apparently this is not the first time she has cried over his socks) and how you are thankful that he is here to put socks on the floor. Because that reminds you of Him and how much you love him. I try and think about that as I am cleaning up Ryan's whiskers that he leaves in the sink every morning and as I am cleaning out the sink I think to myself, I am glad you are here to leave whiskers in the sink.

Then my next thought was hmm....maybe one day I will have a husband who appreciates all of my "messy-ness" . . . Nah! (I'm not saying nah to the possibility of having a husband, because I don't picture myself as a cat lady. I do not like cats, but I'm saying Nah to the thought of my future spouse appreciating the messes that I make)

For instance: For the past three years (except for this year) one of my new years resolutions has been to make my bed everyday. I decided that after only keeping the resolution maybe 5 days out of the year I should stop making that as a resolution. I am happy to report that this year I did not make that as a resolution and have only made my bed once this year so far. Only because I washed my sheets last week and made my bed as I put the freshly washed sheets back on my bed. I just don't ever take the time/have the desire to make my bed.

Another for instance: I had this box of winter clothes that I had packed up from my parents house and put in the trunk of my car. Here was my intention: Upon arriving to my apt. I would un-load the box of clothes, put them away in my closet and wear them. Here is what actually happened: The box of clothes sat in my car for 4.5 weeks. During that time when I would load and un-load groceries in the trunk of my car I would look in the box, find a cute scarf or sweater that I wanted to wear, throw it over my shoulder with the rest of my groceries and a few days later I would wear it. When I finally made a special trip out to my car to get the box of clothes I spread them out all over my bedroom floor trying to figure out what I have not worn for the past 5 years and debating whether or not I should donate that article of clothing to DI. Upon deciding that the item of clothing is ugly enough for me to not wear, I would throw it in the DI sack which is still sitting in my room next to a box of crackers, a bag of popcorn kernels, and some chinese noodles that I apparently have for food storage. I need to find a man who will appreciate that! :)

Also, there are a couple of quotes on pinterest that I am tempted to make as cute crafty signs for my room that say the following things: "When I say 'I cleaned my room' I usually mean I made a pathway from my door to my bed." "My room is not dirty, I just have everything on display, like a museum."

Also, just to clarify this post is not one of those "woe is me" things. As you know this blog is only for pure entertainment. Therefore, if you do not find at least some of the things that I say entertaining, then I invite you to stop reading it, because you are defeating it's purpose! AND I am not one of those nasty messy people. Believe it or not, I used to clean this house in Logan once a week and I enjoyed cleaning it! (It also did not hurt that she paid well) BUT I am just saying I am not one of those way way way messy people (that's three way's. . .I would say I'm only one way)


  1. Niels and I like the quote about how your room isn't dirty, but everything is on display like a museum. Leah you're so funny and I enjoy reading your blogs!

  2. Entertainment for sure. . especially all the added drama. . :) (Sorry!)