Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good and bad news

Where's the one place no one likes to go? In fact some people may even put off going to visit this man (or woman) for years. They may receive cards or phone calls asking them to come in for a visit but alas, people still refuse to go see them. No, it's not your crazy ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that is persistent in stalking you that sends you cards or makes phone calls to you.

It's this guy. . .the dentist!

(This is not my actual dentist. Mine is actually a nice man. I was just trying to find a picture of someone who looks like they enjoy inflicting pain on people)

This week is my spring break and so I decided to go to the dentist today before I take off for Vegas. Like I said before some people dread going to the dentist but when I left his office I felt good about myself and here is why. These are just SOME of the entertaining things/complements that I heard/that were given to me when I was there.

Dental Hygentist (DH): "We are going to be playing musical chairs!" Me: "I love playing musical chairs at the dentist office!" DH: "well good! HAHAHA!"

DH: "Now just so that you are aware, you are going to feel like you have a truck in your mouth." Me: "That's fine"

DH: "You are doing a good job brushing!" Me: "Hank Ugh" (It's always hard to talk when their hands are in your mouth)

DH: "Do you floss?" Me: "Yes" DH: "I can tell!"

*Let me just get on my soap box about flossing for a second. If you don't floss YOU SHOULD START! I have convinced 2 people in my lifetime to floss. My sister and one of my mission companions (Bethany) who was also my roommate after the mission. Those are the only 2 people I have ever converted to flossing and they will fully admit that I was the one to helped them! If you do not like flossing because it hurts your gums then let me just tell you it is because you are using the wrong kind of floss! DO NOT buy the cheap wax floss. Although some people may think I am a penny pincher, I do not pinch my pennies when it comes to floss. Buy a more expensive kind and see the difference, it is worth the money and your mouth will thank you.* I also have been bad about not flossing everyday lately, but promise to do better! :)

Ok. . .back to what happened at the dentist office.

DH: "I love your purse! You know I think that they have been coming out with some really cute stuff lately in the past few years. Don't you think so? I mean I just LOVE all of the bling! Who doesn't like a little bling!? And there is so much glitter around now that is just so beautiful. When I was young we had big (makes pea sized circle with her hands) glitter flakes, and now they are just so small and pretty. Those glitter manufactures are doing a great job."

Although I do agree with the last statement about "who doesn't like a little bling" I was trying my hardest to not laugh at the manufactures comment that was made by just smiling really big. While I was trying to suppress my laughter the best that I could, the dentist came in and gave me some bad news.

He told me that the root canal (that he did not perform) about a year ago has been re-infected. (Which is apparently very rare) and that I have to have to go see a specialist to have it cleaned out. Yeah for me!

But he also gave me some good news! I don't have any cavities! :) This is about the fifth time in my entire life the dentist has told me that.

Hmm. . . Maybe I would rather have some cavities filled than have my root canal dug out again to do a re-cleaning and save myself $200 (just for the down payment). BUT I am thankful for modern medicine and technology so that these things can be accomplished.

Anyway, as I was leaving the dentist office with my infected tooth x-ray picture that I have to take to the specialist tomorrow the dental hygienist said "I'm sorry that you have to go have this done, but you do look cute today!"

Leaving the dentist with all of those complements running through my head and the conversation I had about glitter made me think, "Wow I don't think I have ever received so many complements at the dentist office before! Either the hygentist felt bad for me because I had to have so much work done, or I really was looking good!" HAHA!

Here's hoping my hour and a half appointment for tomorrow goes well!

P.S. Whenever I talk to other people about dental appointments I always feel like this (Brian Regan video posted below) with people telling me about their dentist appointments which is fine, I think it's funny. I PROMISE I am not trying to one up anyone with their dental adventures by blogging about mine :) "Pin the blue ribbon upon his chest!"

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