Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pre-General Conference show

I do not watch TV very often. I would say that I have turned on the TV about 8 times in the last 6 months. I choose to waste my time on Facebook, Pinterest, updating my blog or procrastinating the day of cleaning my room instead of turning on the TV. (I will occasionally watch shows on Hulu every once in a while or check out TV series such as LOST from the library. Or my co-worker/friend Rachel tells me about different TV series that she thinks I would like and lets me borrow the seasons that she owns. I am currently on the second season of Chuck that she let me borrow quite a while ago.) Therefore, it is kind of annoying that I have to contribute so much money to the expensive cable bill that my roommates and I split when I do not watch TV. Oh well, I am most likely moving somewhere else at the end of May and hopefully will be able to have cheaper rent and utilities.

So the point to my above paragraph that I was trying to make is that I am not familiar with very many TV shows. Yesterday I turn on the TV to watch General Conference. There was a weird cartoon on before conference started in 15 minutes so I decided to channel surf until then. When I saw this flash across the screen of my channel surfing, I couldn't help but stop and watch.

I was trying to figure out what this show was all about and then I see this guy called the "Cat Daddy"

Immediately I was even more intrigued and the show sucked me in. I decided that this guy was similar to this woman:

To which being an FCHD (Family Consumer Human Development) major this show gives me great anxiety and I can't watch it.

So the "Cat Daddy" is there to help people with their cat's from Hell. I only caught the last few minutes of the episode of this show but the man and woman who received services from the "Cat Daddy" almost started to cry. They said, "Once we got the laser point out he just knew right where to go. (The cat daddy built some climbing stairs for the cat on their wall) If it wasn't for you, we couldn't have kept him. We would have put him to sleep." The only thing I could do is think to myself "WOW is this for real? Maybe this is why people have cats rather than children. Because if their children start acting up they cannot put them to sleep. . . well I guess they could put them down for a nap but not sedate them."

Although I was making fun of this show, I found myself wanting to watch the next episode that was coming on. Perhaps I can youtube some episodes at a later time for a good laugh.

But then I remembered why I turned the TV on in the fist place. . .to watch conference. How thankful I am for Conference. It was very elevating and inspiring to my soul and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to improve and change my life and to hear a Prophets voice.

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