Sunday, March 25, 2012

I may by weak, but I have a plan!

I am aware that I am weak. (Meaning I can't lift more than about 50 pounds without straining myself.) For example once upon a time my friend Annie broke her arm. Then about a week later I was over at her house watching a movie and she said "I need to get a new TV that does not make that annoying sound. I swear it only makes that sound when you are over here. Do you want to go to DI with me to get a new one?" I then agreed to go with her.

We made our way to the DI and looked at all of the TV's for sale. We picked the best looking one and decided that's the one we wanted. I went over to the TV and said, "Let's see if I can lift it" because I gave specific instruction to Annie that she is not allowed to lift the TV because of her broken arm. So I try and lift the TV and it doesn't move. I give a holler to Annie and say "I can't lift it!" She then comes over and says "Let me try!" She then lifts it up no problem with her broken arm. Feeling really weak I say "Move over and let me try again" I then let out a big grunt and lift it about a centimeter off of the counter. Annie then responds by saying "I am just freakishly strong!" Which is actually true but at the same time I just feel freakishly weak!

We then decide to ask the faithful DI workers to help us lift the TV and put it in Annie's car for us because I was not going to let her do it, and I couldn't do it! After loading the TV and heading back to Annie's apt. We started calling the DI worker some classic Spanish name (which now I can't remember) and also called him our DI boyfriend who was so kind to help us.

By the time we got back I told Annie that I would "Man up" and carry the TV inside the apt. I somehow managed to get the TV out of the car but was then going to drop it. Annie totally "Manned up" and said she would just carry it. I didn't want her using her broken arm but there was no way I could carry it alone. So we carried it in her apt. together. It was one of those situations where pretty much one person (Annie) was just carrying the whole thing and I felt like I was not helping at all and only my hands were on it.

We finally got the TV inside and I was feeling really bad that I couldn't "Man up" enough for her and made her use her broken arm to carry it. So I decided to remove her old TV for her and place it on the floor. I pick it up and set it on the ground. I thought it was steady enough to let go but I was wrong and the TV toppled over and hit me right on the 90 degree angle where my leg and foot connect. I started screaming and jumping up and down on one foot because it hurt REALLY BAD! During this time as I am screaming and jumping Annie had lifted up her new TV on the stand and was all ready to go with it.

Once again feeling bad for not helping, Annie offered me her frozen bag of cranberries to put on my foot as she hooked up the TV. The new TV worked like a charm and my foot soon went numb from the frozen cranberries.

Despite the fact that this happened about a month ago, and my foot will sometimes have sharp pains shoot through the side of it, and it hurts every time I exercise, I will live!

So that story was to demonstrate how weak I am. . . and here is another short one. Some of my old roommates would beat up on me in a teasing way and tell me "You never had brothers! Let me show you what it's like!" And they would attack me as I would scream, run, kick, and try and get away from them. One of them actually pinned me down and threatened to spit in my face just so that I could experience what it was like to "have a brother." I think I screamed and laughed my way out of that situation enough that she had mercy on me and didn't spit on me.

Here is my conclusion to show the world that I am a tough girl! No I will not start lifting weights because I prefer to do Zumba. . . I will buy this purse instead! :)

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