Saturday, April 21, 2012

LeVar Burton, you are NO friend of mine!

Sometimes, ok well mostly all the time I feel like I am a loud person (sometimes people are not afraid to tell me that I'm really loud.  I don't mind/get offended when they tell me this because  I realize these things) but at the same time I feel like it is not always my fault.  I will explain to you why in a couple of paragraphs (because I usually have to preface 80% of what I say before saying it).

I can remember in High school when I was a senior and my younger sister was a sophomore.  She said that she was downstairs talking to her friends in the hallway and she could hear me laughing and talking to my friends while I was upstairs and a few hallways over (or perhaps across the entire school) from where she was.  She told me that I was really loud!  Does it surprise me?  No!

On Thursday I went to the  Ingrid Michaelson concert with some of my friends.  It was a good time and she put on a really good show.  During the concert I was standing next to my friend Scott.  He lives in Logan and I don't get to see him very often.  He is one of those people I instantly talk really loud to because I am just always excited to see him.  Scott knows that I naturally talk loud and he has no problem telling me so.  (He also has no problem correcting my many spelling or grammar errors in my text to him, or on my blog).  Sorry for whoever else that bothers.  Scott tells me he views at least 3-4 errors in each post.  I apologized and he said if that didn't happen then it "Wouldn't be so Leah" and that it gives my blog "Charm".  Nice cover up!

Anyway, so I am talking to Scott during the concert (not through the whole thing, I'm not "that person") and he leans over to me and says, "You know how you are really loud?  Well it's perfect for concerts because I can hear you just fine when you are talking."  That was one of the best complements ever thanks Scott! 

Sometimes . . . well let me re-phrase mostly all of the time I just get so excited about something and my voice naturally jumps 150dB.  And then everyone else around me (who may or may not understand me or know me) just looks at me like I am special or they look really annoyed.  And yet after all of the years of getting those looks, I still don't care.

 Me and Scott at the concert
(The one who doesn't mind correcting my spelling/grammar, tells me I'm too loud, and makes me laugh so I can't breathe pretty much every time I talk to him!) 
****Attention ladies**** He is Single, and really funny!  
(I actually want to set him up with two of my friends, but if you want dibs, or his number, I can give it to you. . . Scott, your welcome!)

I can't help it if other people are so funny! I also feel like I can't control my loudness/laughing so hard I snort/smokers laugh (when no noise is coming out and I just end up flapping my arms, kicking my feet, or convulsing). I just can't help it!

So I say to you (person who is reading this) I feel that if you actually take the time out of your day to read this then you are most likely one of the people that I feel the following way about: 

and don't be offended, because I feel this way about you, it is meant as a sincere complement. 

A lot of times in my life, I feel like the people who are in this video clip. (Minus the beer and towel wardrobe)

 Here is the situation: I'm just kicking it with my friends having a good time weather we are in public or not, and I am just being my normal loud self, (to which I may or may not be singing karaoke). Perhaps I become a little bit too loud, or perhaps I am looking ridiculous and then who walks in?  LeVar Burton (or someone that you don't know a lot about and are just trying to get cookies out of this. . . or perhaps some stranger walks by you and your friends).  When Levar Burton or a stranger walks by you they give you the "you are so special/you are really loud" look and walk away.  THIS HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME! So I say to you strangers or LeVar Burton I'm sorry for being so loud/crazy/or weird but sometimes I just can't help myself that other people are so funny and you are no friend of mine!

P.S. Scott!  There ya go!  I did it!  NOW you owe me cookies and $15 from the parking ticket we got!


  1. Oh Leah I really enjoy reading these. You being loud makes you wonderful!

  2. Dear Leah, I miss you! Please come visit us in Logan so we can be retarded together! For real, if you heard half the things Ash & I do you would feel very normal :-) And I love that you are loud! It is just so you! And I really like your blog. That's all.

  3. Leah it has been forever since we have even chatted, but your personality is one of my favorites! You are so awesome in every way! Don't ever change!
    p.s. you are one of the funniest people I know!