Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unsolved mystery solved. . . or so I thought!

Did you ever watch unsolved mysteries as a kid? No? Well neither did I! Perfect. . . moving on. On Saturday, I accidentally solved one of the unsolved mysteries of my life. Let me explain what happened. Once upon a time (about a year ago) I was shopping with my friends Carolynn and Chelsea at Wal-mart. Now, all of you Wal-mart haters out there this is what I say to you. Haters gonna hate! Anyway, I found this wallet that I wanted to buy, and so I did.

Now you may be thinking to yourself "Wow Leah, that was a great story how is this a mystery of your life? Just wait, let me explain more. So upon purchasing my items we all walk out of the store. The little security beepers go off and there are so many people coming in and out, I didn't think to stop and have someone check my bags because I knew that I had paid for everything. I'm no criminal! But I also noticed that no one else was stopping for someone to look inside their bags. So we all just left the store. No big deal. . .or so I thought.

A few days later I go to Smiths (which is a grocery store for those of you who do not live in Utah). Anyway, as I am walking in the security beepers go off. I was so confused and did not know what was going on. How could I have stolen something before I even went into the store? (Just to clarify I had not stole anything). Once again I thought to myself, someone else must have set them off. So I do my shopping and am kind of nervous to leave the store because what if it was me causing the beeping? I leave the store and of course it beeps. I was in the self check out lane and the employer saw that I had not stolen anything and so she let me through without checking my bags.

When I got home I took everything out of my wallet trying to find what was making the sensors beep and I couldn't find anything. Of course I had thrown my receipt away and so I could not prove that I did not steal the wallet unless I found an employer who I could show my temple recommend to (kidding). I didn't really know what to do.

Not every store I went to set off the security alarms and so I thought it might not have been me after all. But every time I would go to different grocery stores, it would set it off again. I eventually got really good at faking my reaction to the alarms going off and played the "dumb blonde card". At one point when I walked into the grocery store, I knew the alarm was going to go off, but was tired of playing the "dumb blonde card". I just had on a straight face on like I was going to kill someone as I walked into the door. But then this sweet old man said something to me like "Wow how did you do that? You have not even been in the store yet!" Although I had comments like this multiple times from employers and regular citizens at the grocery store, I was so sick of hearing it. I think I kind of just half smiled (so that old man knew I was not going to murder him) and kept walking. Sorry old man if I was rude to you. . . now you know why.

Anyway, I was getting frustrated, embarrassed, and didn't want to worry about when every time I walked into a store if people were going to judge me as a criminal. Sometimes I would just walk into stores not taking my wallet with me and just carry in my debit card.

I thought about taking the wallet back to Wal-mart and having them "fix it". But I didn't know how. So next time I went to Wal-mart (walking through the doors and making the alarm go off) I went up the customer service desk and told them what was wrong. The lady at the desk just kind of looked at me like I was really strange. BUT she did believe me that I had not stole the wallet although I didn't have my receipt. She told me "Sometimes library cards will do that. Why don't you take all of the cards out of it and walk through the doors again and see if it goes off." Rolling my eyes at her I tried as she suggested and made the alarms go off again. In frustration I handed the wallet back to her and didn't say anything. "Hmm. . ." she said, then waved the wallet over one of those grey pads that they rub CD's or movies over after purchasing. The grey pad beeped. We both looked up at each other like we had won the lottery or something with big smiles on our faces. She then said "OK try that!" I then walked back in and out of the store, (the wal-mart greeter was so confused as to why I kept walking in and out in such a short period of time) and THE BEEPING HAD STOPPED! I was so happy that the customer service lady relieved me from my non-criminal beeping embarrassment.

I never knew why it had beeped. I swear I tore that whole wallet apart trying to figure out why. I just marked it as one of those "unsolved mysteries of Leah's life" and decided that is one of the questions I was going to ask God when I got to the other side. "Why did my wallet keep beeping?"

I had forgotten about the beeping wallet situation and was just thankful that it was over with. So on Saturday I went to the rec center to get my zumba on. I was looking for my card to scan so that I could get in, and I couldn't find it. I was taking everything out of my wallet, and eventually found it. BUT I found something more exciting! I found out why my wallet had been beeping! There was a security tag thing on the back of the information card that came with the wallet. I guess I had never taken out that card to examine it. I was so happy that I solved that unsolved mystery of my life!

OK so, I had typed up this little story about how I solved my unsolved mystery a few days ago but had not hit the "Publish post" button yet for some reason. And here is perhaps why. . .it is not solved anymore! What is the deal!?!?! Today I go into the grocery store (Smith's) and am thinking to myself, "Ha ha! I'm so glad I am not setting off those alarms anymore!. . . Oh yeah, I forgot to share that post on my blog." Then I walk into the store and the sensors beep! WHAT!?!?! I was super confused and thought to myself, Not again! I look at the store clerk and he says, "It wasn't you, it was him!" This skinny short black dude who thought he had a lot of swagger says "Awe, you just wanna feel me up!" Then flashes the store clerk his smile complete with a golden grill. The store clerk just kind of laughs awkwardly. After shuddering because of the gross image that came into my head, I purchase my items and get out of there. I soon realize that the short, black, non-swagger, golden grill guy did not set off the alarms. It was ME! I thought I had solved this unsolved mystery. . .but I guess not!

**Warning friends** If you want to hang out with me and we happen to go to Smiths, I'm sorry in advance if I make the sensors beep and go off. I promise that I did not steal anything, nor put anything in your bag to make it go off!


  1. Hahahaha. . . this is definitely one of my favorite Leah moments! Maybe someday you will solve the mystery. .

  2. You have the best stories EVER!