Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh to be young again

Yesterday Jay Paul and I decided to go to a park to watch the sunset. The park we chose to go to was full of trees and we could not really see the sunset but witnessed something else that was pretty fantastic!

There was a softball game going on so we started to watch. There were several families around who were close by sitting in the grass watching the game. We started to admire this little girl who was about 3 years old. She was so adorable. She had short blonde curly hair and a pink dress on. She kept walking away from her family to discover the nearby trees. . . Or so we thought!

The adorable girl kept running back and forth from the trees to her family. Eventually we stopped paying attention to her and just watched the game. We then heard someone squealing and looked over at the crowd to see what was going on. I then saw the little girl's bare bum as her Dad had her turned over his knee and was wiping her. Jay Paul started laughing and mentioned something about her pooping. Then we realized she had pooped over in the trees! After being cleaned up this little girl and her mom started walking back over to the trees. After searching around for 45 seconds the treasure was found! The mom started laughing and said good job you pooped!

The little girl had the biggest smile on her face! She bent down to get a closer look at it and just laughed. She then ran down back to the group she was with and recruited about 6 different children to come back to the trees. The boys laughed and the girls said "EWW!" while using their shirts to cover up their noses.

About 3 minutes later the softball game ended and the family left. Leaving the treasure in the park. That little girl walked away from that park a new woman. I could tell that she was so proud of herself. Her head was held high and she even looked a little taller:)

I couldn't help but think about one of my favorite children's books. Found at a Barnes & Noble near you.

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  1. Hahaha. . nice! I wish that cute little family knew that they made the headlines of your blog!