Monday, June 17, 2013

Wedding Day Pictures!

The fact that I have not blogged for almost a year and trying to catch up with a whole years worth of information stresses me out.  So I will will just write a quick timeline of what has happened the past year.  As far as what led up to the most important day of my life so far. . .MY WEDDING DAY!   Have you heard the saying "Every love story is beautiful, my ours is my favorite!"  That's how I feel.

November 2011:  Met in the hallway at church
December 2011:  Jay Paul asked Leah out but told her that he was going to AZ for Christmas and would call her when he returned home.
January 2012:  Jay Paul still never called.  Leah would occasionally text him to make sure he knew she was still alive.
February 2012:  Leah locked her keys in her car.  She called Jay Paul to come rescue her. (She was trying to flirt with him but he seemed not to flirt back.)  She then found out a few days later that Jay Paul had a girlfriend and realized that this is why he did not take her out.
March 2012:  Jay Paul was single again and asked out Leah.  They went out on their first date.
April 2012:  Went out on a second date.
May 17th 2012:  Decided to exclusively date.
July 2012:  Jay Paul told Leah he love her.  Leah did not say anything but just squeezed him tighter as they embraced.  Leah then told Jay Paul the next day that she loved him too!
August-January:  Many laughs, dates, hugs and kisses, and getting to know one another.  Along with ring shopping in November!
January 13th 2013:  Jay Paul Proposed
January-May:  LOTS of wedding planning
May 17th 2013 (One year after they started dating) MARRIAGE!

This is one of the engagement photos that I did not think was 
appropriate to put on the announcement!


 Quick explanation for the above photo Heidi (my photographer) was showing me a picture of a bride doing something with their veil.  She told me to do what the girl was doing in the picture. . .I was trying to copy the picture but was struggling and did not quite get the concept.  I kept laughing because I felt like I was just eating the veil.  I made sure she gave me this picture because I laugh at myself every time I see it.

 P.S. These are not all the pictures Heidi took.  Of my bridals and of the big day.  I only put a few on here.  I did not want to feel too vain!  But then again. . .it was a fun day!

 Only because Annie Hall hates this shot!

 No more Powell Sisters!

 Gotta love Uncle Tiny!

 For our post card Thank you cards

 Grooms Cake

 My Dad is a really good dancer.  His tux was a little big and his 
pants fell off while we were dancing!

 Me and my husband decided to "mix" up our dance a bit.  In the middle of our slow dance, we broke out into different songs. . .such as Single Ladies. . .

Brick house (Elaine Style)

 Some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Carlton and Will and will style

 Some Hokey Pokey

And back to our slow dancing

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  1. You are SO adorable!! I love these photos and I LOVE that I can totally see and picture your wedding day from them!! I'm SO, SO, SO happy for you!! You're going to LOVE being married - it's the best!! :)

  2. I can't believe it has been one month already! I looooove the pictures!! :)

  3. Beautiful! They capture the joy, fun, and spirit of the day.I love you guys so much!

  4. Leah!! I love your pictures!! I'm just so sad I couldn't be there in person---but I'm glad you posted lots of pictures. You two are an awesome couple and I'm so happy for you. Marriage is wonderful :)