Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sometimes I feel like a creeper

A few weeks before the school year ended I told my boss (at Early Head Start) that I was going to be looking around at different jobs.  I felt like I just needed something different and the school district would once again be cutting days for the next school year.  At first, I was kind of surprised about how supportive he was of my decision.  But then surprise turned into thanks as he told me that he would recommend me to anyone.  I left his office also telling him that I would most likely be back next year. The first week of my summer break consisted of sleeping, cleaning, watching Switched At Birth on Netflix, kissing my husband as he went off to work or summer school, and applying for jobs.  I had only applied to three different jobs so far thinking that I would most likely not hear back from any of them.

A few days later, one of the jobs called me asking me to come in for an interview.  I had set everything up and then sheepishly at the end of the conversation, I had to confirm which company I was accepting the interview from.  (I know super professional) the lady on the other end of the phone just kind of laughed at me when I confirmed.  But hey, at least I was right!

I went in for an interview and was kind of relieved that it was a group interview.  I think most people hate group interviews but I was thankful because I did not know what was going on in the first place.  I knew I was interviewing to be an ABA therapist for children with Autism, and that's about all I knew.

As the questions went around the room I felt more confident and the two ladies that were conducting the interview made me feel really comfortable and welcome.  At one point they asked me to explain my background.  I told them what little experience I had working with children with Autism and that ABA was new to me.  They both kind of smiled at each other and became really excited telling me that their company is growing and they are hiring like crazy and that they could teach me everything I needed to know.  At the end of the interview they said they would call me tomorrow letting me know if they wanted a second interview.  (Which was a job shadow to make sure it would be the right job fit).

I came home, and was telling my husband about how the interview went. . . and the phone rang.  They offered me the job even without the second interview, and I accepted.

A few days later, and as things sunk in I called my old boss and texted co workers that I had accepted a new job.  I was actually kind of sad to tell them. 

At first, and sometimes even now I feel like I have NO CLUE as to what I am doing. Despite all of that I really appreciate how professional everyone treats me.  Parents actually want me at their houses (therapy sessions are conducted mostly in the child's home), and some of the children even run to me and give me hugs when I arrive.  Some still run away from me because I make them work, but I am working on getting those children to like me!

Anyway, here is the point of the blog post. Sorry for the long background/information it was mostly for my record.

Sometimes I feel like a complete creeper (at work). 

Most of the therapy sessions at work are conducted in the home but we also do field trips and group sessions throughout the week.  During one week I took a child to the park.  We were practicing our social skills as a group.  We get to the park and take a quick stop to the bathroom.  That day in particular was really busy at the park with children and parents everywhere!  So I'm taking this kid to the potty.  He is a boy and old enough to no longer be going into the women's room with mommy.  So I tell him to go to the boys room.  He walks over to the door and pushes it open.  He then looks back at me in concern and I tell him I cannot go in there with him.  He then requests that I hold the door open.  What was I to do?!?!  He looked concerned and I did not feel like dealing with a melt down in the door frame of the boys bathroom.  So I stuck my foot in the door and held it open so he could see me, and that I could see him. Were other parents looking at me like I was a creep?  YES!  Were other children looking at me like I was a creep?  YES!  I tried not looking inside the bathroom too often but then it looked suspicious as to why I was holding the men's door open with my foot.  So after he was done at the urinal (which seemed to take forever) he ran over to me.  I instructed him to go wash his hands. I could almost feel the whole park give a sigh of relief because now they knew why I was holding the door open.

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