Sunday, December 1, 2013

Favorite things

 I think about blogging all of the time, but then I never take the time to do it.  Maybe because I bought this shirt for my husband

 and I feel like he and Scott Krumm are judging me every time I blog.  Perhaps I should learn how to get over that and just blog more often.

With the Christmas season coming upon us people get busy with parties, family, presents, and stress.  I have heard of people throwing a "favorite things" party.  At the party everyone brings their favorite items, recipes, blogs, make up, cleaning product, etc. and shares or sometimes gives samples to everyone else of a few of their favorite things.  

A few months ago I attended a favorite things Relief Society party.  (Although I was about 45 min. late because of work) I came with about 5 different items to share.  While everyone was going around the table sharing their favorite things, I was slightly confused as to what about half of the people were sharing.  One lady showed us some of her books (okay got it), another lady shared with us her favorite Indian food recipe book (perfect . . .I wrote it down), then next lady brought her stuffed animal from when she was little and shared a story about the stuffed animal (um. . .okay), the next lady read a LONG poem that she wrote (I lost interest after the second line) but then she started crying and I felt bad for not listening.  The next lady told us that her favorite thing was Christmas (thanks for sharing), and the next one told us about her love for musicals (um. . .did we totally miss the whole point of this activity?!?!?!)   

I was the last person to share what my favorite things were.  I had a pile of things to show and share.  While I was sharing, I felt like everyone was starting at me like I was some sort of freak who liked dry shampoo, Burts Bees lip balm, some maskara, a slanted liquid measuring cup so you could look at it from the top, and a few more things that I really enjoy.  Oh well!

After leaving I thought to myself, "I should throw an actual favorite things party".  But then I don't know if I know enough people who would be willing to come to actually make it successful.  Maybe one day I will try to throw one.

In the mean time, I wanted to share my newest favorite thing (besides my husband and I am not sharing him!)

Introducing ting mobile!  SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST THING OUT THERE!  After my husband and I got married we decided that we should grow up and get off of our parents cell phone plans.  But we had to wait until our lovely contracts ended or else we would be charged a HUGE fee if we ended our contracts early.  My contract ended before my husbands so I was shopping around for cell phone plans. 

Everywhere I went I told the sales people that I just wanted the basic talk and text plan with no data (mostly because all of the data plans were outrageously expensive and I would just use the internet at home).  Everyone looked at me like I was from the stone age.  Some cell phone stores did not even offer those plans.  The only cell phone carrier that I could find that had the talk and text plan who did not charge me MORE for the basic plan than a plan with data was at Cricket.  So I signed up with Cricket and paid my monthly bill. 

My husband then heard about ting mobile from one of his teachers at school.  She said you only pay for what you use, and that their plans were CHEAP!  We quickly hopped onto their website and checked it out. 

We thought their rates were too good to be true, so I started to look at reviews online.  EVERYONE said they wished they would have known about ting earlier and they could not believe how much money they were saving.  The only bad thing people had to say is that if your current phone was not compatible with what ting uses then you would have to buy one of their phones.  (We ended up having to buy phones from them BUT it is going to be worth it in the long run because of how much money we are NOT spending on our phone plan).  Other companies give you phones for "free" or for $1 but the truth of it is, you are paying for the phone in your outrageously high cell plan every month.

So we switched to Ting and both bought smart phones.  Neither of us had a smart phone before and were trying to figure out how they worked.  :)  Our bill is so low!  We are paying just about as much as I was alone on Cricket once a month for a "dumb phone".  Scratch that I am paying about $11 less for 2 smart phones.  Our current bill ends in 12 days and so far our total for the month is $29.00 that's right not a typo $29.00 for our 2 smart phones for 1 month.  Sounds like quite the deal to me.  You only pay for what you use.  

 Ting uses sprint towers and has great service.  Neither of us have had any problems with the service.  Call quality and everything has been fantastic!  We are very pleased!  

I just wanted to share my new favorite thing!  AND if anyone switches to Ting or is thinking about it, let me know because I can get you (and me) a $25 discount.  I am not just sharing this because of the $25 discount, I really like what the company does and think that more people should jump on the Ting wagon!

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