Sunday, February 23, 2014

I do not like dogs or cats

Most of you who just read the title of this blog post raised your eyebrows, sighed, or rolled your eyes because you feel the exact opposite of me.  I have come to the conclusion that I am one in a million and I married the other one in a million because my husband feels the same way about animals that I do.  We never want to own/will never own a cat or a dog we do not like them one bit! And I can promise you with all my heart that it is not going to be a green eggs and ham situation.  When finally at the end of the book Sam gets the grumpy man who tells him through the book that he does not like green eggs and ham to actually try them and then he likes green eggs and ham.  NO, it will not be a situation like that.


I should not say that I do not like dogs and cats one bit because there have been about 2 dogs in my entire life that I have come into contact with that I will pat on the head or tolerate.  But I will not let them sit on my lap or cuddle with me.  NO!!!

I was attacked by a dog when I was young and was always afraid of them as a child.  Some of my childhood friends had dogs but I never liked them and would always push them away when they came near me (except for 2 of them).  I have a whole huge long list of why I will never own a dog and why I do not like them but most people do not care to hear about that.

I know that dogs have those senses to know when people do not like them and I swear every dog owner can sense it too no matter how hard I try to hide it.  I think the Lord really blessed me on my mission to tolerate dogs.  No, I did not like them even then but I was trying to build relationships with my investigators so I pretended my best to like their animals, let them even sit on my lap and sometimes even pee on my skirts.  (Yes that did happen, and made me very angry on the inside but Heavenly Father helped me and I just would laugh about it with the investigator and tell them how it was not a big deal)  Seriously, the Lord can work miracles!

So what brought on this blog post is what happened to me on Friday while driving to work.  I was minding my own business and drove out of my neighborhood to turn left onto a busy street.  I saw this dog about 100 feet away from me.  It started running towards my car and I just thought to myself "stupid dog".  I was hoping I could turn left quickly before the dog came closer to my car but traffic did not clear.  So the dog continues to run towards me and my car and does not stop.  I started getting scared and wondered what was happening.  The dog ran up to my car and jumped up and put his front paws on my drivers side window.  I screamed and stared knocking at the window to get the dog off of my car but the dog would not move.  Feeling annoyed, I pulled forward slightly to get the dog off of my car.  The dog jumped off and then darted toward the front of my car.  AHHH!!  I honked my horn. Luckily the car that was coming down the road slowed down (because of my honk) and the dog ran out in front of that car.  I gasped and covered my eyes because I did not want to see the dog get run over because I hate dogs and blood!  Luckily, the dog did not get hit and ran back by my car.  But this time jumped up onto my passanger side door window.  Feeling really annoyed at this point, I pulled forward again to get the dog down off of my car hoping to get out on the road and make my left turn.  There still was not a gap in the traffic for me to go.  I realized that I needed to back up because the nose of my car was now sticking out a little too much because I was trying to get the dog off of my car.  So I start backing up and realize the dog is now towards my back tires.  AHHH again!  Finally there was a break in the traffic, and I slowly pulled forward and made me escape!  Conclusion:  I don't like dogs or cats!

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