Sunday, March 4, 2012

My non-obsession

About a year and a half ago for some reason my good friend Curtis started teasing me about liking Justin Beiber. I think it is because we were listening to one of his songs and I knew all of the words to it. Anyway, however much I tried asssuring him that I "just liked the song" the teasing about me and the Beibs only became stronger and stronger daily. Eventually I just embraced the fact of Curtis teasing me all the time about Beiber. I even found myself texting Curtis pictures of Beiber products that I found in the stores and told him that I would buy them for him, or that I was tempted to buy them myself. Such as the Beiber barbie doll, sheets, books, or other random things with Beiber on them.

And that is were it all started. Then my dear friends who were also my roommates at the time started teasing me about Beiber. I guess they had legit reasons for making fun of me because of the Beiber pandora station that I created (and listened to all the time), and for me taking pictures of Beiber products whenever we went shopping. (Wow this does makes me sound like I am obsessed, but I swear I am not).

Anyway, so whenever my roommates or Curtis found out information about Beiber (for example that he got a haircut) they always would make it a point to inform me about these things. So then this movie about him came out (even in 3D) and my friends also made it a point to tell me that he would be on the big screen in 3D! Did I rush to buy my ticket? No. Did I participate in all of my friends teasing me about it? Of course!

Then one lazy summer day my roommate Stephanie who swore she would never watch the Beiber movie busted it out from red box. I was shocked that she even spent $1.00 to watch it. Unfortunately, I was going back home that weekend and was unable to watch it with her. She gave me the report on the movie and said that she actually kind of liked it. I was real surprised she was even saying that. So of course the next weekend I rented it and watched it. I mostly make fun of the young teenage girls and children who were crying over him throughout the entire movie. . . Ridiculous!

So then I move to Bountiful. It was my friends Birthday and she wanted to do something fun. We decided to go to Zurchers and pick out cardboard cut outs to take pictures with. Annie (the B-day girl) picked out John Wayne and Katy picked out Harry Potter. I debated for a while if I was even going to buy one but then saw the Beibs. I felt super super super immature for even considering purchasing such a thing but then my immaturity got the best of me (I feel that happens frequently). Although the guy at the check out stand was totally judging me (after I told him not to) I decided to just embrace the fact that I actually bought a cardboard cut out of Justin Beiber and have only had good/funny stories to tell people (or have them make fun of me, which is normal) because of my purchase.

We then went downtown to take pictures with our cutouts. It was a great day to do so because it happened to be time out for Women that day and so there were a ton of people downtown. All three of us walked down the street with our cut outs unfolded and pretended like they were walking next to us. At one point there was a huge group of people standing by the crosswalk waiting to cross the street. They all looked over at us and started talking and laughing with each other. As we walked by, no one would make eye contact with us and it was completely silent. After passing the group, they all started talking and laughing again. Hmm . . . wonder what they were talking about!

As we took pictures most of the people we ran into were excited about the John Wayne and Harry Potter cut outs. One of the missionaries on temple square asked if he could take a picture with John Wayne. As we were by the reflecting pools taking pictures with our cut outs there was a lady there with a really nice camera and a badge for the church. She started taking pictures of us with our cut outs. I thought that she thought we were just being immature and funny and wanted to take pictures of us. Later Annie told me that she saw her badge and that she takes pictures for the church magazines! HA HA I secretly wished that we would show up on the front cover of the New Era with our cutouts or something but I doubt that will happen!

Once again by the reflecting pool, I saw a group of Asian people looking and laughing at us. I approached them and asked if they wanted to take a picture with Beiber. They then looked at me and said, "No, we want one with Harry!" I acted all offended and said, "No one wants to take a picture with Beiber!" And the group of Asians just laughed at me harder.

Then it was then Valentines day and some of my friends/roommates from the days of Snow College wanted to go out to dinner. Becca and Christal (Becca, this is the second time you have made it into my blog, be proud! ha ha!) I told them that I would bring Beiber as a date and we could all share him. They thought I was kidding but then embraced the fact that I was not kidding and actually did bring him. I carried him around at the gateway. While almost every person there was on a date, we had ours too. People at the gateway were WAY more accepting of him than at temple square. We had Beiber creeping in the windows at different stores and the employees laughed at us. We even took him to dinner and the people sitting at the table next to us had a nice conversation with us because of Him. Our waiter even played along and asked us how old he was. I responded by saying that I really didn't know and the waiter said, "Well. . .let's just get him drunk anyway!"

Later that night my friend Katy (the one who has Harry Potter) texted me and asked me what I was doing. I explained to her that I took Beiber on a date with me and my friends and that everyone was more accepting of him at the gateway than at temple square and she responded by saying "Don't take him to the great and spacious building!" HA HA!

And so that's my story. If any of you would like to borrow him to scare anyone just let me know and I can hook you up!

P.S. I feel like that was an abrupt way to end this blog post but that's all I have to say about the Beibs. . . for now!

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